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Please note, the following videos and strategies mention at one point that a player may roll for 2 technologies on the same turn. That statement is inaccurate. Page 9 of the rulebook states that a player can only roll for a single technology in a given turn. In addition, these strategies do not take into account the effects of national advantages, which can alter how the game plays out.

Part 1 - Unit Changes

Part 2 - Map Changes

Part 3 - Russian Strategies

Part 4 - German Strategies

Part 5 - U.K. Strategies

Part 6- Japanese Strategies

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Revised Axis & Allies 2004 Version

Some diehard fans of the original map may disagree, but I think the new revised 2004 version of Axis & Allies has taken a classic and greatly improved upon it. The new units offer greater variety, rule modifications have been well thought out, and the new map is a work of art that offers significantly more degrees of freedom in movement and planning. On the whole, it is a more enjoyable game that is much better balanced, and should offer gamers a much better overall experience.

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Unit Changes

Map Changes

Technology Changes

Overall Strategy

German Strategies

Russian Strategies

UK Strategies

USA Strategies

Japan Strategies

Axis & Allies (2nd Edition) Strategy Articles:

Axis & Allies is one of the 50 most significant games published since 1800.

Designed by Larry Harris, it was first published in 1984 by Milton Bradley, now owned by Hasbro.

It was one of Milton Bradley's Gamemaster series of games, which also included Fortress America, Conquest of Empire, and Samurai Swords. The original game covers every theater of WWII. Since then other variants produced by Avalon Hill (also owned by Hasbro) include Axis & Allies: Europe in 2000, Axis & Allies: Pacific in 2001, revised Axis & Allies in 2004, and Axis & Allies: D-day in 2004.

While Risk introduced a generation to strategic fighting board games, Axis & Allies took Risk to a new level for a new generation. It adds new levels of gaming complexity, but can be enjoyed by both experienced players and newcomers alike.

Clumping - Axis & Allies' Fatal Flaw

Infantry: Cannon Fodder or Solid Math?

Roadblocks: A Cunning Rule Exploitation

Factories: To Build or Not to Build

The Dark Continent

Transport Math

Keep the Pipeline Flowing

Empty the Islands

Patience Pays Off

Tanks are Gold

Battle Calculations

Die Points

Protecting the Transports

Strategic Bombing

Technology Rolls

Germany Turn One Recommendations

Germany Overall Strategy

Russia Turn One Recommendations

Russia Overall Strategy

Japan Turn One Recommendations

Japan Overall Strategy

UK Turn One Recommendations

UK Overall Strategy

US Turn One Recommendations

US Overall Strategy

One Round Pound

Take Slot Pulls

Play to Weakness

All or None

Do One Thing Well

One Hit Wonders

Utilize Your AA