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Battle Calculations

How many units should you send into battle?

It all depends on the situation.

If you are going back and forth for temporary control of the Ukraine, you want to send in as few units as possible (because what you send will likely die before they get to go again). In that case you want to send just an infantry or two more than what is currently in the territory, along with as many planes as you can bring into action (assuming the planes donít have something else better to do).

One of the biggest problems with sending too many units is that they get stuck where you sent them into battle and may die before you get to use them again. Planes are great because they can attack into a territory to give you a whopping advantage offensively, but then youíre not stuck with a bunch of soon-to-die units in that territory because the planes get to land safely back somewhere else.

Planes are one of the few units that enjoy that advantage, so use them to gain overkill as frequently as you can. Just remember, that feature still doesnít make them attractive enough to buy, but use the assets you start the game with.

The exception to this rule is Japan. If youíre Japan you want to take Asia over as quickly as possible. You have multiple battle opportunities and leaving units in recently captured territories is a good thing, because you just want to kill as much as possible and lose as few units while doing it as you can. You are going to want to make as many symmetrical allocations as possible, without stretching yourself overly far. Since Japan has the economic, military and logistical advantage in Asia (whereas Russia and Germany are typically stalemated, neither strong enough to overcome the otherís defense capabilities), you want to encourage as many tit-for-tat trades with the Allies as you can- kind of like when you get one ahead in Chess or Checkers and want to ram that tiny numerical advantage down your opponentís throat.

For instance, letís say as Japan there are four enemy territories that you can attack, and you could probably succeed in all four- that still may not be your best move, as it could stretch you too far. You may be better off only attempting three attacks and making them as balanced as possible. If you can have 50% more forces in each battle, do so, as opposed to having even forces (where you stand a good chance of losing) in one battle and 100% more forces in another battle. Spread your units out evenly across all the battles that you are certain you want to engage in.