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Empty the Islands

The Japanese, UK and US all have island countries with infantry stuck on them. Most players will try to evacuate some of the infantry, but won’t get to all of them.

How many should you try to move and when?

Obviously an infantry defending the Solomon Islands is doing the Japanese much less service than it would if it was sitting in Manchuria where it could actively participate in battles.

The Japanese should do their best to empty their islands, particularly Wake and Okinawa (the ones that are only one space away from Japan). That way a transport doesn’t waste a turn out at sea. It can go one space, pick up an infantry, move back a space, pick up another infantry from Japan, and drop them both in Manchuria.

The other islands are a little bit trickier. You have to consider your opportunity cost. You are only going to be able to average moving about one infantry a turn in trying to get to those distant islands. It can be a good strategy still, but only do it when you ended up having to purchase one transport more than you could use (there just wasn’t enough money to buy the transport and additional infantry, so you just bought the transport). Then, rather than have that transports turn completely wasted, you can send it out to collect a couple of infantry on some distant islands.

It also helps make it an easier decision if the UK evacuates the infantry on Australia. Then moving a Japanese transport down to the distant islands allows them to capture Australia along the way, making it a more profitable venture.