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Germany Overall Strategy

Buying that second transport for the Mediterranean on your first turn should start a game long funnel of infantry into Africa to capture those critical 11 IPCs, or at least force the Allies to spend lots of resources trying to stop you.

Focus on Russia. Except for extreme circumstances or opponents that like to play until the last man is standing, you’re never going to invade the US or UK. For you the game will either be won or lost most likely in Karelia. Win the big battle in Karelia and Russia is often an easy next step. Lose Karelia and you may never recover.

If you strategic bomb, do it only when there is no better alternative, and you guessed it – bomb Russia.

Take out as much of the British fleet as you can on round one. Save what’s left of the Luftwaffe as long as possible, just in case the Allies ever leave an unprotected transport or two within range. Those remaining German planes will keep the Allies honest and force them to carefully position expensive capitol ships for protection.

The only things you should ever buy are that first round transport and maybe another one to replace it should it get destroyed, tanks on the last turn before you attack into Karelia (that way your purchases from the turn before can reach and get involved in the battle), and tons and tons of infantry. Be unwavering in your purchasing of infantry.