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Germany Turn One Recommendations

Purchase 8 infantry and 1 transport.

Much depends on what the Russians have been able to do, but essentially concentrate your airplanes and any remaining subs and the Baltic transport on taking out the British fleet.

Two units (1 fighter, 1 sub or 2 fighters) should be sufficient to take out the Gibraltar battleship.

The remaining fighters and bombers and naval units would probably best be used against the British fleet off the UK coast. Again it depends on what the Russians have left, but you’re probably better off focusing everything on the main UK fleet. If you have enough firepower to kill the main UK fleet in two turns, you may be well served by sending the Western Europe fighter to take out the Canadian transport. The important thing is to concentrate enough force so that the UK battleship in that main UK fleet only gets to roll a maximum of two turns on average.

If the Russians haven’t invaded Finland/Norway, it may be a good idea to do an evacuation attack. This is where you do a one round attack against Karelia with all the tanks and infantry that can reach from every territory, in order to get the tank and those few infantry out of a certain deathtrap in Finland/Norway. They essentially get to fight their way out. After one round, you pull back into safety in Eastern Europe.

Here are the important things to remember about attacking a Russian territory.

1. Never leave your tanks where they’ll likely get killed. If you’re about to win a territory and will only have tanks defending it – retreat.

2. Calculate expected first round average casualties and make sure it’s a smart idea. You’ll kill more than they’ll kill, and unless they get extremely lucky, you won’t lose any valuable tanks or planes.

3. Don’t leave a mid-sized stack of infantry out away from your main army. If you stick it out, the Russians will chop it off. Clump as much as possible.

Resist the temptation to move or fight with your Mediterranean battleship and transport. Go ahead and transport two additional infantry across into Libya.

March the Algerian infantry south to take Fr. West Af. Blitz your tank south and back up into Libya.