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Japan Overall Strategy

“Never get involved in a land war in Asia!”

For the Japanese, it’s too late to live out those time honored words of wisdom, so you’ll just have to fight the war to the best of your ability.

Your best is accomplished by maximizing transports bringing across infantry into Asia. Make the right combinations of purchases to keep the pipeline of infantry flowing straight across Asia and down Russia’s throat.

Never leave a mid-sized army just outside of Russia where the Russians could destroy it easily. As quickly as you can, get to where you can consistently take Evenki, Novo., and Kaz. each turn, forcing the Russians to take it back on theirs. This will bleed the Reds white.

If Germany loses their Mediterranean fleet, try to get involved by landing troops on the backside of Africa, or simply move some of your infantry over to Africa.

I wouldn’t attack Australia unless you have nothing else better to do with your battleship bombarding capability, and particularly if the UK pulls out their two infantry leaving it undefended. Attacking a defended Australia simply gives the UK the opportunity to distract the Japanese from sending even more infantry to Asia.