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Keep the Pipeline Flowing

ďAmateurs discuss tactics, professionals discuss logistics.Ē

Just as you should coordinate a 2:1 available infantry to available transport ratio in your purchases as the Japanese, UK, or US player, donít waste a great purchasing allocation by making a dumb move.

If you are planning on having a transport back at your capitol for the beginning of the next turn in order to carry across another load of infantry, donít forget about it as soon as you start planning combat moves and see a great opportunity to use your transport and a couple of infantry to take some backwater location that doesnít really matter.

If infantry are waiting to be transported, itís an indictment against your abilities as a player if you canít maintain the mental logistics to keep the pipeline open and have transports ready at the docks at the beginning of your turn.

This means you wonít be able to make as many creative opportunistic plays. It may mean you donít garner a couple of extra IPCs on certain turns. What it will mean though is youíre making every turn count. Infantry that arenít on the front are a waste. It does you no good if your US transport fleet is out island hopping around the Pacific and a stack of infantry is sitting in the Eastern US waiting to go to Russia or France.

Itís incredibly easy to get sidetracked, and veteran players are no exception. In some ways, veterans may be more easily sidetracked because they are more likely to see openings and opportunities that a newcomer wouldnít. However, you must remain disciplined. The US player may see what seems like an ideal opportunity to take Eastern Europe. However, the unforeseen cost of making that move is that those US transports will get stuck in the Baltic Sea for a turn before they can make it back. One precious turn in the sequence is lost and US infantry have to wait back in Canada or the US and unable to cross over to Europe.

It is absolutely critical to keep the pipeline pumping. Build lots of transports and infantry as Japan, UK and US and coordinate their activities so you have just the right number of transports as you have infantry needing to be transported each turn. Unless it is of utmost importance and mission critical, do NOT interrupt the flow of infantry through the transport pipeline in order to capture an insignificant territory that on the following turn would keep you from moving even more infantry into a frontline position.