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One Hit Wonders

This sounds like a one-round-pound, but is markedly different. In a one-round-pound battle youíre trying to kill all buy one units ideally, and hope to withdraw without having your units stuck in the territory and subject to annihilation on your opponentís counterattack.

A one hit wonder is when you kill all of your opponentís units on the first round of battle, and they only get one chance to hit your own units. Remember that in many ways itís more important for you not to lose units, than for you to kill your opponentís units.

The key is minimizing the number of battle rounds. Ideally, all of your battles would be one-hit wonders. You bring in many times the number of units your opponent has and kill everything on the very first roll.

Never underestimate the value of killing everything on the first round. This should always be in the back of your mind when determining how much you should send into a battle. A quick rule of thumb in doing calculations is add up your die points and divide by six. If youíre attacking with four fighters, they have 12 die points (4 * 3). 12 die points / 6 die points per die = 2 expected kills.

When possible, bring enough for overkill. Virtually every plane you have should get to fight every turn. Even when you should win the battle without it, if you have it to send in and it canít be used better somewhere else, send it in.

Keeping your air force intact as long as possible is a huge help in trying to turn a regular tit-for-tat over Ukraine between Russia and Germany into a one hit wonder each round. If the Russian player is defending with 2 infantry, Germany can send in 2 infantry and 4 fighters and usually kill both Russian infantry on the first round of the battle, making it a one hit wonder.