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One Round Pound

You’ve brought in a huge army and nearly decimated your opponent’s forces. You’re salivating at the thought of now getting to chew through the last couple of enemy tanks and fighter that are remaining and killing those premium units.

But wait a second; is that really the best decision?

What happens on your opponent’s next turn, when they get to go and obliterate your main army? While killing a couple of premium units is certainly a lot of fun, every decision you make must be weighed with the consideration of what maximizes your chances of winning the game.

You cannot afford to have a large army crushed needlessly. Since Axis & Allies is a turn based game, you can with a high degree of accuracy calculate everything that your opponent will be able to throw at you on his turn. There shouldn’t be any surprises as to what you’ll face on your opponent’s next turn.

So what should you do when you have an opportunity to send your main army against a vulnerable territory that you could easily crush, winning handily, but your opponent would then be able to crush your main army in succession?

The one-round pound or two-round pound, if the case calls for it. Bring in enough troops to do maximum damage to your opponents vulnerable army, but not so many that you’ll kill them all on the first roll and then be stuck in the territory. Ideally, you’d kill all but one unit. Then after you’ve massacred most of his forces, resist the urge to crush them all, and pull back. You can usually get around 2:1 kill ratio in this fashion, and should be willing to take those odds all day long.

Always look for opportunities to create army-size mismatches and hit your opponent for one round or two rounds of battle. The main thing is to inflict <100% damage to your opponent, while receiving far fewer losses yourself, without getting stuck in the territory.