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Play to Weakness

When you have a choice, donít play to your opponentís strength, but rather to their weaknesses that you can exploit.

For instance, if Germany has committed tremendous resources to taking Africa and will probably take it no matter what you do, donít even bother defending it. Instead take advantage of the opportunities that are created in Western Europe or the Eastern Front as a result of the expenditure that Germany has made with regards to Africa.

If you have a choice between putting your Russian infantry where Japan can gang up on them with lots of air power and land forces, and somewhere else that Japan canít get to as easily, but denies them an equally valuable territory, play to their weakness.

Whenever you see an opponent drain one area of resources to expend them somewhere else, try to attack the area recently drained.

If Japan has maintained and built a massive navy in the Pacific, donít challenge it with the US. Instead focus on sending troops to Europe to relieve Russia and let the Russians fight the Japanese on the mainland, where that massive navy is of minimal use.