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Roadblocks: A Cunning Rule Exploitation

It may not sound very courageous or courteous, but you should play with every trick the rules allow and a nice roadblock can sure be a game winning move.

For instance, letís say that you have a couple of transports off the coast of the Western USA, and the Japanese fleet and a stack of Japanese infantry are in Alaska. It looks bleak as the Japanese will be able to knock out your two transports and then do an amphibious invasion with a large army. The US will get an opportunity to build troops to defend the Western USA, but that of course detracts them from their strategy to focus on Germany.

But wait, it will eventually detract them, but doesnít have to on this turn.

Those two transports can be turned into very effective roadblocks. One can be moved off the coast of Midway and the other can be moved into the sea zone off the coast of Western Canada.

The Japanese player will be frustrated and may decry the historical inaccuracies that force his huge fleet and invasion army from being held up by a pair of seemingly insignificant transports, but thatís life Ė or at least, thatís the official rule.

Roadblocks can work just as effectively on land, as a single infantry in Caucuses can keep a few German tanks from blitzing through and taking Russia with the help of air support.

So whenever you can, donít forget to trade space for time, and slow down the attacker through the effective use of just a single lowly transport or infantry.