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Russia Overall Strategy


Russia is in the vice grip of the Axis and both Germany and Japan are going bear hunting.

Buy infantry and keep them stacked on the German front, which will usually be Karelia, but if the situation permits, that front can be advanced to Eastern Europe.

Try to get relief from the other Allies as soon as possible, to free up units to send against Japan, which will be crawling up your backside very quickly.

Usually Germany will be well fortified in Eastern Europe. In that case, trade Ukraine each turn with Germany. Send just enough infantry/planes to take Ukraine in order to get those precious 3 IPCs, without leaving too many infantry to get killed by Germany on their turn. It’s okay if Germany just takes it right back, as long as you’re getting the value from the territory as well as them.

Crushing the Ukraine on the first turn and solidly defending Karelia immediately will usually give you a bird in the hand for Finland/Norway. Crush those isolated German troops on turn two or three, as they won’t be reinforced anytime soon.

As soon as you can, start sending units after Japan and start pushing them off the continent. They’re an island nation – make them stay that way!