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Take Slot Pulls

No, Iím not referring to casino gambling; this refers to making attacks in which you could hit the jackpot if you get just a little bit lucky.

For instance, Germany has 2 infantry, 3 tanks, and 2 fighters defending in Eastern Europe.

Russia is capable of attacking with 4 infantry, 2 tanks and 1 fighter.

Normally, this wouldnít be all that advisable because Germany has a die point total of 18, and Russia only has a die point total of 13, definitely not good odds. Since you couldnít bring overwhelming force and kill more than you lose, this isnít a good candidate for a one-round-pound. It also doesnít fall into the typical category of a battle you want to necessarily win because then your 2 Russian tanks would get stuck in Eastern Europe where they would get crushed on Germanyís succeeding turn.

However, never forget Lady Luck. Sooner or later she smiles on us all, and this is a perfect time to test her favor. In perhaps 3 out of 4 instances, youíll lose one infantry more than Germany will on the first roll, and decide to withdraw before you lose your tanks and fighter. But in that lovely 1 out of 4 instances, the outcome will be significantly different. Germany will take more hits than you, and will rapidly start having to lose premium tanks and then fighters.

You might say youíre not interested in a strategy doomed to work in only 1 out of 4 instances, and which the typical outcome is you losing an additional infantry than your opponent and having to withdraw. However, the risk of losing that single additional infantry buys you a slot pull that Germany will lose 3 tanks and 2 fighters. Itís a minimal cost for a chance to hit the jackpot.