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Tanks are Gold

Itís a truism that struck my fancy the first time I heard its usage by a veteran player and one that I appreciate more each time I play.

Tanks should never be stuck somewhere where you anticipate they will get killed. They are gold, remember? Keep them safe and ready for that final battle.

They are too expensive to be used in the commonplace back-and-forth struggle, and you should almost never buy them, so that makes the ones that you start the game with Ė worth their weight in gold.

Use infantry and planes in little back-and-forth battles for the Ukraine, or some obscure Russian territory.

Whatever you do, save your tanks. When you are attacking and get down to your tanks, pull back and wait for another occasion (unless of course your opponent is down to his bomber squadrons). I could go on-and-on, but it would just be repeating what Iíve already said. Tanks are gold, donít lose them.