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US Overall Strategy

Your Chinese forces are going to die sooner or later. Just get as much utility out of them as you can, and try to harass and slow down the Japanese. Save your fighter if possible, retreating it to Russia when necessary.

Your main objective is to ignore the Pacific War (distances are too great and impact too little) and focus on Germany. Keep a constant pipeline of troops heading to Russiaís aid. Your stacks of infantry can march one round up to Eastern Canada. From there your transports can go from the UK sea zone, back to Eastern Canada, pick the infantry up, then return to the UK sea zone in order to drop them off in Finland/Norway. Having your transports making this continual rotation and in full operation after a few rounds should be an immediate goal.

Once those infantry are positioned on the front line in Karelia, they will be the first to die in any German assault. Itís generally better to sacrifice the infantry of whichever Allied nation has the fewest infantry in Karelia when Germany attacks. This leaves the Allied nation with the most units in Karelia an intact army that is most capable of retaliating and counterattacking. The US typically has the fewest infantry in Karelia of the three Allies, so they should be the first to lose as casualties.

The US can also help Russia out with the back and forth action that usually occurs in the Ukraine. Usually Russia will take the Ukraine with a couple of infantry and then Germany takes it back, and so forth. Well what the US can do is soften the German units up, by killing ideally all but one. So letís say Germany has three or four infantry in the Ukraine, the US can attack them and kill two or three, doing their best not to kill the last infantry and then retreat. That allows the Russians to easily take the Ukraine on their turn with minimal loss of units.

The key is that Russia needs to get the IPC credit for taking it, and let the US do part of the work softening up the territory first.

The US can also strategic bomb Germany once each turn, assuming they have nothing better to do.

Ideally the Germans wonít play Africa very smart, and will soon be kicked out. If they do keep infantry flowing across the Mediterranean into Africa, the US working in conjunction with the UK will be critical at putting Allied units on the ground and keeping the Germans at bay.

Additionally, the US air force could be a big part in eliminating a lingering German Mediterranean fleet that survives past round one.