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US Turn One Recommendations

If Germanyís air force has less than three planes (fighters + bomber), get three transports and 4 infantry. If not, get one carrier and two transports. This of course assumes that Japan doesnít have an invasion force sitting in Hawaii heading towards California!

You probably wonít get too much of a chance to make many attacks. Move your transport off the coast of the UK and drop a couple of infantry off in the UK or Finland/Norway (if Russia took it on their turn).

If Japan didnít redo Pearl Harbor, start a process of flying all your planes over to the UK, ideally landing both fighters on a UK carrier (remember Western Canada is connected to the Eastern Canada sea zone). Also, start the process of evacuating Hawaii, Midway and Alaska, sending those troops into Western Canada where they can be easily picked up by transports. Your battleship and transport may want to make the trip around through the Panama Canal once the islands are emptied, where they can be used against Germany. Alternatively, a nice place for your battleship and transport to camp out in the Pacific is just off the coast of Western Canada. Itís a convenient two turns away from the Soviet Far East, and just out of reach of the Japanese navy in the Japan sea zone.

If Japan did redo Pearl Harbor, consider retaliating with your two naval units, the bomber and the Western US fighter (you should still probably send your Eastern US fighter to land on the UK carrier Ė unless Germany poses no real threat to that naval group). It all depends on how powerful the Japanese force is and if you stand a chance.

Your Chinese forces will simply have to be opportunistic. The main thing is to not throw them away. If you have a chance to attack and take a Japanese territory, do so, particularly if you could kill a Japanese plane or two. However, do your best not to lose the US fighter, itís an expensive unit that will serve you well the entire game, so retreat it to Russia if need be to protect it.